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The Chevron Add-a-Link bracelet is something very special we designed to celebrate our 100thanniversary.  We built a bracelet that can be assembled in any combination of 14K gold links and diamond links, and it available as a starter bracelet in any combination as well.  Each diamond link features seven 1.4mm G-H color, VS2 quality fine diamonds total approximately 0.10 CT.  Typically this bracelet requires 42 links including the clasp to finish out to a little over seven inches.

The reef knot is an ancient knot used by sailors to secure sails in strong winds.  The Reef Know Add-a-Link bracelet renders these knots in 14K gold with a diamond spacers.  The starter bracelet is typically built with two knots in 14K white, yellow or rose gold and three diamond spacers.  Each spacer features two 1.8mm G-H color VS2 quality fine diamonds totaling approximately 0.04 CT.  The complete bracelet is comprised of twelve knots (including the clasp) and twelve spacers to make a little over seven inches finished length.

Chris Evert made the tennis bracelet famous when hers failed and fell off her arm during a match.  Ours don’t.  Our proprietary method of assembly means that our links cannot twist or turn over on themselves which eliminates a common cause of failure.  We build our classic, four-prong tennis bracelet links in diamonds weights from 0.03 CT to ½ CT each, with the most common size being 0.06 CT.  We always use the same quality diamonds – G-H color, VS2 clarity – so a link built today matches perfectly with one built fifty years ago.  We can build Add-a-Link starter bracelets with any number or combination of links on them including rubies, sapphires and birthstones.  This versatile, timeless and classic style goes for anyone for any occasion – and the gift of a link or two to add to starter bracelet never goes out of style.  Typically these bracelets require 40 links to make a finished length of a little over seven inches.

The Add-A-Link Leaf bracelet is inspired by the beauty of nature, which we accentuated with an alternating diamond and 14K plain gold pattern.  The starter bracelet feature four alternating diamond and 14K leaves, each of which features three diamonds totaling 0.03 CT of G-H color, VS 2 quality fine diamonds.  The complete bracelet typically requires 32 leaves including the clasp to make seven inches, and the links are available in 14K white, yellow or rose gold and they feature a hand-applied brushed finish which accentuates the alternating pattern and the brilliance of the diamonds.

Over 100 Add-A-Link bracelet styles including watch attachments, dating back to the 1920.
Send us a picture, we will help identify and can still produce from original models anything we have ever built in either yellow, rose or white gold.
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