Start Your Bracelet

Start Your Bracelet

Promise made

A Kaspar & Esh add-a-link starter bracelet is a promise.

It is a promise we make to you – to be here to help you to start your bracelet, to answer your questions, to finish your bracelet, and above all to never compromise on quality so that each link you add to your bracelet is identical in manufacturing and material to quality to the ones you started with.

It is a promise you make to a loved one – a wife, a mother, a daughter – to be there not at only at the moment you start her bracelet, but to be there while she builds it and when she finishes it.

It is a promise you make to yourself – to invest in a piece of jewelry that will last you a lifetime, to reward yourself for challenges met, and to remind you that some of the most important commitments can be to yourself.

A promise can be intimidating because it implies a commitment into a future which can be challenging and uncertain, with its share of ups and downs and risks and rewards. But this is precisely what makes a promise so valuable. We invite you to make your promise, and trust us to help you keep it.