Perfection in movement is demanded in ballet.  The same is demanded of our bracelets.

The defining characteristic of a link bracelet is the movement of the links.  The bracelet will only come alive on the wrist if the links articulate perfectly.

If this articulation is too loose then the bracelet moves without relation to the wearer; too tight and it becomes inanimate and lifeless.

Calibrating precisely how our links assemble with each other and how they articulate is the essence of our expertise.

A ballerina spends a lifetime cultivating perfection in movement.
At Kaspar & Esh we do the same.

Excellence since 1916; a heritage of precision

People think of knowledge as something that exists only in the mind.

But we understand that hands can learn too.

Our manufacturing process requires generations of knowledge, patiently cultivated and shared, to teach our hands how to build bracelets with unmatched precision in articulation and unsurpassed finish quality.

While this may sound like a job for a machine, in the end each bracelet link can only reach the quality we require if it is built and finished by expert hands.


An old Swiss relationship


The first generation at Kaspar & Esh built their business as watch-case and watch-bracelet manufacturers for a prominent Swiss watch brand.

As exclusive distributors of their watches here in the US they developed unparalleled expertise in the manufacture and assembly of fine watch bracelets.

Over time they applied this knowledge led to the design and manufacture of women’s link bracelets, and this knowledge is our heritage today.

We maintain a relationship today with Swiss manufacture by casting many of our links in Switzerland, taking advantage of superior Swiss gold alloys and casting precision.

These qualities give our bracelets their particular delicate sensation on the wrist and allow for a superior finish quality. 

We employ many of the hand-finishing techniques developed for Swiss watch manufacture in our shop today.

How they grow – A lifetime, not a moment

The same proprietary assembly method that gives our bracelets superior articulation also allows them to be built over time. As you build your bracelet, adding links at your local K & E retailer, you will invest your bracelet with meaning and a sense of time that no other piece of jewelry will match. Most jewelry commemorates a specific moment; your bracelet will celebrate a lifetime.

How Your Braclet Grows
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Generations – From mother to daughter

We build our bracelets to the highest standards because we intend them to be worn for generations. A bracelet started for a young lady today, built link by link over the years and completed will last for as long as she decides to wear it. And, when she decides it is time to share it with her daughters, we will make her complete bracelet back into starter bracelets for the next generation…

World Class Elegance

Michelle Kim is the Assistant Concertmaster at the New York Philharmonic.

Her career is the fruit of countless hours spent turning natural talent into world class sound.  To hear her play is to understand, intuitively, all of the passion, the patience, and pursuit of perfection that is communicated through her violin and bow.  In building a bracelet for her we strove to match her excellence with our own.

We are exceedingly proud that she wears our chevron bracelet.

Hear Michelle's mastery
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A woman with blue eyes

Megan LeCrone was born in Winston-Salem and began studying dance in her home state of North Carolina. At the age of seventeen she was invited by Peter Martins to join the New York City Ballet. She immediately found success, debuting as the principal ballerina in Balanchine’s Agon and as the Dewdrop in The Nutcracker.

Her story, any young lady’s dream, was interrupted by illness and injury so severe she feared she might never dance again. Megan worked for seven years, overcoming her challenges, adapting to the difficulties presented to her, and triumphed to return to New York City Ballet as a soloist.

Her story, and the breathless precision and uniqueness with which she moves have inspired a generation of young dancers and earned her the attention of some of the top fashion houses and fashion photographers in the world.

We are exceedingly proud to have built the bracelet that she wears today.

See Megan perform

Verónica Ortega is one of the most respected winemakers in Spain today.  The daughter of a professional bullfighter, she began her career in apprenticeship at some of the finest winemaking houses in Burgundy.  After years of studying her craft there, she brought what she learned back to her native Spain.  She began production under her own name in one of Spain’s oldest and most traditional winemaking regions; the Bierzo.

This tiny and enchanting part of the country features century old vines and a winemaking tradition that stretches back through history to Roman times.  In 2010 she produced her first vintage, ‘Roc,’ working hand-in-hand with the family farmers who owned the vineyard.  Today she owns her own vineyards while still working the land herself, honoring the best traditions of the region.

She is an innovator, bringing the sense of balance and intuition for quality that she developed in Burgundy back to Spain.  And she is a guardian of tradition, working still by hand in one of Spain’s oldest winemaking regions, where the land and vines are still held and worked by the same families generation after generation. 

Verónica asked us to build her chevron bracelet in 18K pink gold which we have proudly done.

See our conversation with Verónica and her bracelet here
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