The Kaspar & Esh Chevron Bracelets
Available as an add-a-link starter bracelet or a complete bracelet – features a versatility of design that means we can assemble it in any combination of links you desire. We can build a bracelet to your exact specifications with any number of plain gold and/or diamond chevron links in any pattern. Start with a single chevron on a starter bracelet if you like, or begin with a complete plain gold chevron bracelet and replace the gold chevrons with diamond ones over time.
Quality Control
Our bracelet links are cast in our factory right here in New York City, in 14K plumb gold alloyed by our skilled metallurgist according to our proprietary blend of gold and base metals. Our diamonds are certified conflict-free and are guaranteed natural diamonds. Our snake chains and steel link pins are made for us by quality manufacturers in Rhode Island and Switzerland. We have been manufacturing fine jewelry here in New York City for over 100 years.
The Kaspar & Esh Classic Bracelets
We have been in the link bracelet manufacturing business for over 100 years. As such, we have an extensive back-catalog of links and watch-bracelet attachments, all of which we can still manufacture. We are proud to offer here a selection of our classic styles which have stood the tests of time and fashion and remain in strong demand today. All of these styles are available as complete bracelets as well, and so each style features its own matching clasp. If you are looking for a link to an existing bracelet that you don’t find featured here please contact us and we will assist you in finding the correct style number and an accredited Add-a-Link retailer to help you add to your bracelet.
K&E History
Kaspar & Esh was founded by Mae Kaspar & Barnett Esh in 1916. She was a dynamic salesperson; he was a talented bench jeweler. Their lucrative business partnership grew into something more and in 1917 they married, and Mae changed her name to Rachael. Four generations later, the family business their love and expertise built is still going strong.
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