Since 1916

Add-a-Link Heritage

Once upon a time, Kaspar & Esh manufactured and distributed watch cases and watches for legendary Swiss watchmakers Longines. A large part of this process was the design and manufacture of the watch bracelets.

Initially, Longines ladies’ watches were sold with a plain black silk cord as a band. Kaspar & Esh developed a series of gold and diamond links that could be added between the cord and the watch itself. This meant that customers had the ability to build their watch bracelets over time, having the links added by their local jewelers, and the cord shortened correspondingly as the watch bracelet was customized.

Over time, these “watch attachments” took on a life of their own. Inspired by the tennis bracelet, we applied our design and manufacturing expertise, along with what we had learned from the watch attachment business, to creating a brand new design, and the Add-A-Link bracelet was born.

Today we manufacture a variety of jewelry pieces including necklaces, rings, and earrings, but bracelets are what we are best at and the focus of our design, production, and service. The Add-A-Link concept is now on its third generation of consumers. We have updated our styling accordingly, but the generational appeal of our jewelry remains, and our customers know they do not need to compromise on quality to build a beautiful bracelet.

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