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Quality and Service

Quality and Service
Manufacturing And Craftsmanship

We have an over 100 year heritage of manufacturing fine jewelry here in New York City. We invite you to share in our tradition.

  • Are K&E Add-A-Link Bracelets Made In The USA?

    • Yes. Kaspar & Esh always has and continues to manufacture all of our jewelry, bracelets included, in New York City.

  • What Color And Quality Are The Diamonds In K&E Add-A-Link Bracelets?

    • The standard diamond quality used by Kaspar & Esh in Add-a-Link bracelets for the last 50 years is G-H color, VS2 clarity. All of the diamonds used in the manufacture of our jewelry are ethically sourced and comply with the Kimberly Process. We inspect, sort and size all of our diamonds in our office in New York City.
  • Can I Wear My K&E Add-A-Link Bracelet Every Day?

    • Yes, and ours will wear better, longer than any other bracelet out there. But anything that you wear every day needs service, and if you wear your bracelet a lot at some point it will need to be returned to us for factory service. Minor repairs and cleaning can be done by your jeweler.
  • Are K&E Bracelets Warrantied?

    • Yes. All Kaspar & Esh bracelets are factory warrantied against any manufacturing defect. If your bracelet does not look or work as it should when you get it back from our factory we will fix it at our expense. We charge cost of labor and materials to repair normal wear and tear or major damage, and for factory refurbishment due to use.
  • Can A K&E Add-A-Link Bracelet Be Sized?

    • Yes, because our bracelets are made link by link we can always add or remove links as needed, even if the bracelet has been riveted.


  • Can A K&E Add-A-Link Bracelet Be Re-Tubed And Re-Riveted?

    • Yes. Our factory will replace the 14K gold tubes and rivets in the lugs of your bracelet and refinish it for a service and materials charge.

  • Can A K&E Add-A-Link Bracelet Be Remounted If The Links Are Badly Worn?

    • Yes. If the bracelet has been in an accident or is badly worn we can remove your diamonds, replace them into new 14K gold mountings and reassemble your bracelet.


  • Can A K&E Add-A-Link Bracelet Be Broken Up And Made Back Into Starter Bracelets To Pass On To The Next Generation?

    • Yes. Our bracelets last so long that they literally are in many cases family heirlooms that pass from generation to generation. And one of the very special things about our bracelets is that if Grandma wants to share her bracelet among several daughters or grand-daughters we can break up her finished bracelet into starter bracelets to be shared among the generations, and added to in their own right if desired. This is an elegant way to preserve and add to a family legacy.


  • If I Started Or Inherited A Yellow Gold Bracelet And Prefer White Gold Can My Bracelet Be Remounted?

    • Yes. Please visit with your retailer to discuss your style choices. We can always replace like for like, but in some cases based on your diamond sizes we can offer you different styles to set you diamonds into.


  • Does Kaspar & Esh Buy Back Their Bracelets Or Take Them In Trade?

    • Yes, but only through an authorized K&E retailer. Our insistence on our diamond quality means that we can be assured that that the diamonds in any K&E bracelet out there meet our standards today. We credit market value for the diamonds and scrap value for the gold because we cannot resell used bracelets – we can only reuse the materials.


  • If I Have A Watch With A K&E 14K Gold And Diamond Watch Attachment Can I Still Get New Links?

    • Yes. We have the models and plans for watch attachments going back nearly 80 years. In most cases we can still produce the watch attachments.


  • Does Kaspar & Esh Still Manufacture Watch Cases?

    • No, but we love to see them. If you have an older watch (Longines, Le Coultre, etc) with our stamp on the back please send us a picture!

Have more questions? Contact us!

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